About Us

Stickers and Labels Direct is a small specialist company that focuses on all types of self adhesive stickers and labels

Stickers or labels (the term is  used interchangeably) are an important element of a product and can be used from conveying information on the label itself to being printed or shaped in a way that is in keeping with the customer’s brand

The majority of stickers that are bought from us are used to represent our customers’ products so we believe these should be as high quality as possible and add value to the product – while also being available in quantities that appeal to  businesses both small and large.

From our small independent workshop just north of Nottingham we have invested in a range of specialist machines that enable us to produce high quality small runs of labels  with specialist finishes previously unavailable in small quantities due to the set up costs.


We believe in keeping things simple, real people on the end of the phone, who know the products and processes behind them, who love what they do and are happy to help.

…and in terms of selling, we don’t even try and do that, take a look around the site, these stickers sell themselves – as they will your products.